Starrett Ambrose

(“STAIR-it … am-brOHz” | he/him)
Ph.D. Psychology
Postdoc at UC Irvine

Cognitive neuroscience of spatial cognition, navigation, learning, memory, and attention. Virtual reality application development and research solutions. Data science and problem solving with programming. Learn more About Me here.

I fully support efforts to end racial injustice and inequality in academia and society at large.


2007 – 2011
University of Wisconsin-Madison
B.A. Psychology
Dec. 24, 2011

2015 – 2018
University of California, Davis
M.A. Psychology
Dec. 15, 2017

2018 – 2021
University of Arizona
Ph.D. Psychology | Minor: Cognitive Science
May 14, 2021

Research Experience

2012 – 2015
Associate Research Specialist (Lab Manager)
Principle Investigator: Brad Postle, Ph.D.

Technical Skills

Programming Languages

MATLAB, R, C#, Python, bash


Unity 3D (SteamVR, VRTK, Landmarks*), MATLAB (EEGlab, Fieldtrip, PsychToolBox), R (various packages), MPlus, SPSS, Git
* Moderated software (github.com/mjstarrett/)


EEG (Nexstim, Brain Vision), TMS (Magstim, Nexstim), Head-mounted displays (Oculus DK2, Oculus Quest, Oculus Go, HTC Vive), Omnidirectional treadmills (Cyberith Virtualizer (Elite (2)), KatVR Kat Walk), Eye tracking (Pupil Labs, Tobii Pro)